Providing personalised outplacement support and workplace performance coaching

Empowering individuals to reach their potential
and achieve their desired goals.

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What we do

Outplacement Services

We specialise in providing personalised, bespoke outplacement support services that empower individuals to embrace change, take control and achieve their desired outcomes.

We support individuals who:

  • Are facing redundancy or change in the workplace
  • Need help with developing their personal career plan
  • Need help to establish their career priorities and assess the options
  • Are considering retirement or partial retirement
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Performance Coaching

We specialise in delivering tailor made, workplace performance coaching services that enable individuals to overcome their barriers and reach their true potential.

We support individuals to:

  • Re-engage and re-motivate upon returning to work after being furloughed or a period of sickness
  • Identify self-limiting thinking that may be blocking their journey to success
  • Create a structured improvement plan and establish achievable goals
  • Develop personal resilience, manage change and improve their wellbeing
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Find out how we can help

Please get in touch with an idea of your requirements for a quote, or if you would like any further details.


    Read what other say about how we have helped them…

    “Thank you for the great work you did with me on re-writing my CV for the modern day! As a working professional I was quite astounded at how difficult I was finding the process. With the help of your services, I now have a C.V that I am proud of.  I’ve had terrific feedback on its quality and layout which resulted in my gaining interviews and successfully achieving a new role. I am genuinely so pleased with the results and wanted to thank you for your input. I will definitely be recommending your services to friends and colleagues. Thanks”, Penny.

    “Jason was a very good listener and provided excellent guidance. I really valued our meetings. He motivated me to effectively target my campaigns which, by the end of our sessions, resulted in a successful offer of employment. I started my new job this week and am doing some coaching tomorrow – really looking forward to it! Thank you again for all your support. With best wishes” Tracey.