Workplace Wellbeing & Resilience

Today's modern work-place environment can be challenging.  Difficult colleagues, demanding managers, poor direction, lack of development opportunities and little room for creativity can leave us unmotivated and dreading Mondays.

Using effective coaching techniques, we can help to equip you with the necessary skills and strategies to help you:

  • Combat work stress and anxiety
  • Handle potential conflict within the workplace using good communication skills
  • Learn how to become more assertive and be heard
  • Unlock the secrets of team dynamics
  • Cope with the fear of redundancy or change and turn it into opportunity
  • Focus on improving your performance at work to stand out from the crowd
  • Create a healthy work/life balance

The Programme:

  • Initial assessment of your own unique goals and identify where you want to get
  • Techniques and strategy sheets for you to take away and practice
  • In depth one-to-one coaching from an experienced professional
  • Constructive and motivational feedback to help keep you on track
  • One to one coaching support delivered via face to face, Skype/FaceTime or telephone sessions

Workplace Wellbeing & Resilience Session

Cost £60.00 per session

Contact us today to have an informal discussion about how we can help you achieve your goals.