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Workplace Performance

The success of any business is, ultimately, in the hands of employee performance.  So what do you do with a valued member of staff with a formidable track record who suddenly suffers a dip in performance?

As a manager or member of the HR team, you know that ignoring the problem in the hope that it will rectify itself is simply not an option. And failure to address the problem immediately risks detrimental impact on the business and other work colleagues.

How can Coaching help?

We have developed tailor made coaching programs to help an individual cope with change, re-engage their focus, re-ignite their motivation and take their performance to another level.

  • Develop a structured improvement plan and establish achievable goals
  • Develop strategies that enable them to be time effective, organised and task orientated
  • Build a rapid acquisition of clarity, resulting in fast gains
  • Provide support, motivation and feedback to maintain focus on objectives
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  • Identify core, underlying issues that may be causing stress and anxiety and tackle them head on
  • Challenge and overcome internal, self-limiting belief systems and construct more effective thinking strategies
  • Managing anger and conflict in the workplace
  • Various interventions to help with emotional resilience, personal development and career support during times of change
  • Support for those returning to work after absence
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  • Reduction in stress and anxiety resulting in increased attendance
  • Retention of quality people through enhanced support and promoting greater well-being
  • Manage change successfully
  • An increase in customer satisfaction, organizational performance and higher profits
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Our coaching packages can be specifically tailored to your individual needs and can be delivered via:

  • One to one, either at your workplace or remotely
  • Group support
  • Bespoke workshops delivered on site

All our interventions include action planning, reports and regular feedback.

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    Read what other say about how we have helped them…

    “Thank you for the great work you did with me on re-writing my CV for the modern day! As a working professional I was quite astounded at how difficult I was finding the process. With the help of your services, I now have a C.V that I am proud of.  I’ve had terrific feedback on its quality and layout which resulted in my gaining interviews and successfully achieving a new role. I am genuinely so pleased with the results and wanted to thank you for your input. I will definitely be recommending your services to friends and colleagues. Thanks”, Penny.

    “Jason was a very good listener and provided excellent guidance. I really valued our meetings. He motivated me to effectively target my campaigns which, by the end of our sessions, resulted in a successful offer of employment. I started my new job this week and am doing some coaching tomorrow – really looking forward to it! Thank you again for all your support. With best wishes” Tracey.