Boost Your Capability To Cope With Change

Restructure upon restructure. A constant drip feed of information. More demanding expectations.
The modern world of work is an ever-changing landscape that requires us to adapt at a rapid rate. Those that feel that they cannot keep pace can often be left with feelings of insecurity, low self-confidence and a sense of loss.
Over the years in my capacity of Coach, I have helped many individuals develop the ability to reflect on their approach to challenging situations, enabling them to construct reliable strategies to ensure that they don’t just survive – but thrive in their careers. By following a few basic steps, you can begin to unlock your potential and enhance your resilience in the workplace.

1. Analyse the situation
Take a step back and subjectively consider your thoughts and feelings about the situation you are facing. Begin to develop an awareness of how it has affected you, how did you react, what thoughts were activated, how did you feel?

2. Be objective
Now that you have some tangible data you can begin to work with it. Begin by challenging your initial reaction by asking “What is actually going on here?”, “How is it really going to affect me?” and “What are my options?”

3. Reframe your thinking
The way we talk to ourselves, I call it our internal dialogue, can often be harsh and critical, especially when we are facing challenging times. Statements such as “I just know that I can’t cope with this!”, or “I’m not good enough” can send our anxiety spiralling out of control. The higher the level of anxiety we experience, the less capable we are of applying rational logic to what we perceive to be an unmanageable situation. Developing an awareness of your negative internal dialogue will enable you to re-frame negative thoughts and gain control over your feelings, leading to a stronger sense of being in control.

4. Develop a robust plan of action
Successful individuals plan their way through change and turn it into a winning situation. Once options have been clearly defined, begin to act by establishing how you are going to make it happen. Set realistic goals that you will meet within given timeframes and monitor your journey to ensure that you are on track.

Resilient individuals recognise that change is inevitable and is driven by factors that are outside of their control. The way they adapt is to take ownership of their feelings, implement the necessary changes and turn it into a positive outcome. You can achieve this too.

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