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Outplacement Services

What is outplacement?

Outplacement coaching services provide comprehensive job search support for those employees who may be facing redundancy. Providing both practical and emotional specialist career coaching support enables an individual to navigate their way through the competitive job market and transition into appropriate new employment as soon as possible. Outplacement support also enables organisations to focus their energy and time on crucial business operations rather than divert precious time and energy needed to support leavers.

What are the benefits of outplacement support?

Outplacement services have been evidenced to improve motivation, morale and productivity during periods of change, supporting managers to make the difficult decision of displacing staff through  redundancy with a clearer conscience, therefore making their jobs less stressful.  The offer of outplacement services can help to  minimise emotion and conflict at a stressful time because they convey the message that despite having to make some difficult decisions, the employer wants to do the best it can for those affected.

How can Career Coaching for Success help?

Career Coaching for Success is the culmination of 10 years of learning and practical experience in helping people to develop the skills, strategies and confidence to develop their personal resilience and manage change effectively. Experience has demonstrated that investing in coaching sessions supports individuals to clarify their options, capitalise on their strengths and empower them to make positive change.

We have developed tailor made cost effective coaching programs to help individuals cope with change, re-engage their focus and re-ignite their motivation.  Using effective coaching techniques, we can equip individuals with the necessary skills and strategies to help them with the following:

Experiencing redundancy and change can provoke strong emotions such as anxiety and fear.  Coaching can help individuals to take stock of where they are, talk though their concerns in a non judgemental and confidential environment, work out the best options and develop an effective plan to get them there quickly.  We provide the support that helps people to  identifying where they want to be, understand what may  holding them back from getting there and formulate a pan of action that will motivate them to achieve their goals.

We work with individuals to help them…

  • Create a winning CV that gets attention
  • Develop an effective job search campaign
  • Build a powerful LinkedIn presence
  • Develop an awareness of key skills, strengths and achievements
  • Manage the fear of redundancy and turn it into an opportunity
  • Learn how to deliver a strong and engaging interview
  • Gain valuable knowledge of how to successfully drive a job search campaign
  • Explore self-employment or starting a new business
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Today’s modern, fast paced work-place environment can be challenging.  Difficult colleagues, demanding expectations and constant change can leave individuals feeling overwhelmed.  Resilience enables employees to recognise and capitalise on their internal resources to overcome challenges.

Using effective coaching techniques, we can help to equip you with the necessary skills and strategies to help individuals to:

  • Understand and accept change
  • Recognise what they can can’t control and focus energy on what is within their control
  • Effectively manage work stress and anxiety
  • Cope with the fear of redundancy or change and turn it into opportunity
  • Identify strategies that enable individuals to effectively manage change and minimise the impact on performance
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Individuals approaching retirement often benefit from support in making the transition from work to retirement. When people consider their retirement options, they often do not fully consider all the personal, financial and professional implications. Our Active Retirement Coaching program is tailored to your personal situation and will help you to explore all your lifestyle considerations in addition to looking at potential employment, educational and entrepreneurial opportunities so that you can plan for an active retirement.

We will help individuals to explore and create an action plan for…

  • Understanding change and how to transition into the next phase of your life
  • Your lifestyle factors and evaluation of opportunities
  • Family and relationship matters including changing relationships
  • How to make best use of your time
  • Entrepreneurial, employment and volunteer possibilities during retirement
  • Emotional wellbeing and health
  • Finance considerations
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    Read what other say about how we have helped them…

    “Thank you for the great work you did with me on re-writing my CV for the modern day! As a working professional I was quite astounded at how difficult I was finding the process. With the help of your services, I now have a C.V that I am proud of.  I’ve had terrific feedback on its quality and layout which resulted in my gaining interviews and successfully achieving a new role. I am genuinely so pleased with the results and wanted to thank you for your input. I will definitely be recommending your services to friends and colleagues. Thanks”, Penny.

    “Jason was a very good listener and provided excellent guidance. I really valued our meetings. He motivated me to effectively target my campaigns which, by the end of our sessions, resulted in a successful offer of employment. I started my new job this week and am doing some coaching tomorrow – really looking forward to it! Thank you again for all your support. With best wishes” Tracey.