Career Planning and Transition

Has your career stagnated? Many of us arrive at a crossroads in our working lives where we lack satisfaction, progress slows or change is thrust upon us.

Perhaps you are looking to change career, progress within your current career or go self-employed and start your own business? Coaching can help you to take stock of where you are, work out your best options and develop an effective plan to get you there.

We will work towards identifying where you want to be and what holds you back from getting there. We will help you to formulate a pan of action that will motivate you to achieve your goals.

Package includes:

  • In depth one-to-one coaching with an experienced professional
  • A comprehensive plan of action and motivational support to help you achieve your goals
  • A skills portfolio assessment, identifying your strengths and weaknesses
  • In-depth support in overcoming the things that hold you back
  • CV & LinkedIn profile reviews
  • One to one coaching support delivered face-to-face, Skype/Facetime or telephone
  • Motivational support to help you achieve your goals
  • Options for follow-on sessions

Career Planning and Transition

Cost £60.00 per session

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