Career Coaching

Do any of the following apply to you?

  • Want help to explore and map out your career direction?
  • Feel as if you are not fulfilling your true potential?
  • Need to escape from a mundane job into something more meaningful?
  • Want to understand how to become more resilient and manage work stress effectively?
  • Want help to get promoted?
  • CV or applications are not securing the interviews?
  • Securing interviews but not getting job offers?
  • Keen to run your own business or go freelance but don't know how to get started?


Whatever your concerns may be, career coaching sessions will help propel you forward in a positive direction so you can embark on the career you deserve and enjoy a thriving, working life.

I will help you gain insights and make the connection by using effective career coaching techniques so you can identify and develop your true talent, skills, strengths, potential and turn your goals & dreams into reality.


  • The coaching provided is completely confidential and free from judgement
  • To help you develop an understanding of what motivates you as an individual and enable you to clarify your goals
  • ​​A belief that everyone can achieve more in their careers
  • ​​To help you understand your own self-limiting beliefs and empower you to develop strategies to overcome them
  • To support you in making the decisions that are right for you by asking important questions that enable you to discover your own answers​​
  • ​​​​To ensure that the Coaching experience is always a positive​ one​

What will a typical coaching session look like?

Sessions can be tailored to your individual needs and will usually be around an hour to two hours long. The first session will begin with outlining confidentiality and data protection principles. Sessions are delivered with a flexible approach working either by face to face, Skype/Facetime or phone at an agreed time that suits you.

The first session is normally used to recognise, clarify and agree the areas you would like to focus on. Your coach will help you to identify and restructure self-limiting thinking and beliefs by asking questions and enabling you to challenge them, therefore supporting you to develop clear direction.

Sessions are concluded with a review of your progress to help identify the next steps required to develop further and measure your success.


Career Coaching

Cost £60.00 per one hour session

Contact us today to have an informal discussion about how we can help you achieve your goals.



“Thank you for the great work you did with me on re-writing my CV for the modern day! As a working professional I was quite astounded at how difficult I was finding the process. With the help of your services, I now have a C.V that I am proud of.  I’ve had terrific feedback on its quality and layout which resulted in my gaining interviews and successfully achieving a new role. I am genuinely so pleased with the results and wanted to thank you for your input. I will definitely be recommending your services to friends and colleagues. Thanks”, Penny.

“Jason was a very good listener and provided excellent guidance. I really valued our meetings. He motivated me to effectively target my campaigns which, by the end of our sessions, resulted in a successful offer of employment. I started my new job this week and am doing some coaching tomorrow - really looking forward to it! Thank you again for all your support. With best wishes” Tracey.


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