Active Retirement Planning

Individuals approaching retirement often benefit from support in making the transition from work to retirement. When people consider their retirement options, they often do not fully consider all the personal, financial and professional implications. Our Active Retirement Coaching program is tailored to your personal situation and will help you to explore all your lifestyle considerations in addition to looking at potential employment, educational and entrepreneurial opportunities so that you can plan for an active retirement.

We will help you explore and create an action plan for...

  • Understanding change and how to transition into the next phase of your life
  • Your lifestyle factors and evaluation of opportunities
  • Family and relationship matters including changing relationships
  • How to make best use of your time
  • Entrepreneurial, employment and volunteer possibilities during retirement
  • Emotional wellbeing and health
  • Finance considerations

Package Includes:

  • In-depth coaching with an experienced professional
  • Comprehensive plan of action
  • One to one coaching support delivered via face to face,  Skype/Face Time or telephone


Cost £60.00 per session

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